7 Best Digital Marketing Tools

7 Best Digital Marketing Tools

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Everyone loves freebies Including us. So let’s find out what are best free tools you can use for yourself or for your clients.


SimilarWeb.com is market intelligence tool, with this tool what you can do is to get strategies for your business. This website helps to get the analytics of any website or app including your competitors. How cool huh? With help of this tool we can plan the marketing strategies.


In every business, visual content works more better than texts. To produce eyecatching designs you need a good designer or you can use canva.com. If you don’t have skills for designing in Photoshop or illustrator or if you don’t have any graphic designer to work for you, this is the best tool to create awesome designs.


If you want to analysis someone’s social media page like, how many visits they are getting or how many followers they are able to increase per day or how many followers they have, all these informations can be analysis using this tool.

Google Trends

Google Trends is a free tool you should start using it today itself. You can use this tool to find topics which are trending right now or if you are working on a topic, you can check all the data related to that topic right away. Like how many searches the topics have, from where most people search the topic, etc.


VidIQ is a Google Chrome extension for YouTube Analytics. With this tool you can get all the details like, search volume, competition, total views of videos related that topic, etc. This tool can be used to create more unique video content and can build your channel more easily.


InVideo is a video making tool which is available in free and premium versions. If you are a frequent vlogger in YouTube or if you need videos for marketing and don’t know how to do it, this is the best tool for you. You can choose from templates or you can completely create a new one with just drag and drop.

Answer The Public

So are you confused to find topics for your blog or vlog? This website will help you to find queries based on the topic you give. This is a very helpful tool to create YouTube video titles and keywords.